Medical Services
Community Development

What we’ve been able to achieve with your help

Our healthcare and community development services for underprivileged societies typically include a wide range of programs and initiatives aimed at improving access to healthcare, education, and other essential services.

These may include things like providing mobile health clinics, building community centers, training health workers and educators, and improving access to systems.

Empowering Communities Through Medical Aid Collaborations with Non-Profit Groups

We actively collaborate with other NGOs in Malaysia to provide essential medical aid. Our commitment to making a difference extends to these partnerships. It’s vital to us that the solutions we provide are not only tailored to specific needs but also self-sustaining. This approach ensures that the impact of our work is lasting and transformative.

Since 2021, we’ve been working on over 100 projects and missions, each with its unique impact on the communities we serve.

Discover more about our collaboration with non-profit groups and how we provide medical aid for non-profit groups below.

Expanding Our Impact in 2023 | Medical NGO - Doctors on Ground

This year, we’re amplifying our dedication to the communities we serve. Our programs are now meticulously categorised to optimise our outreach.

East Coast Restoration Programme BANJIR Relief & Rescue Campaign

A testament to our agility and commitment, this program was initiated in response to the Kelantan floods in January 2023, in collaboration with IKQRAM Prihatin, emphasising our dedication to disaster relief.

Flagship Projects

Our key initiatives, "Women First" and "Emergency Response", address vital societal issues. Since its inception in Selayang in 2021, "Women First" has expanded to Sabah, focusing on improving sexual reproductive and maternal health for stateless women in Semporna.

Medical Missions

These missions are central to our work, bringing healthcare access to those who need it most. Current missions are reshaping lives in Selayang and Negeri Sembilan.

State & Division-Based Projects

Our footprint is expanding, reaching regions in dire need of our expertise.

Internal Events & Training

We're committed to nurturing our team, fostering growth through continuous training.

Ad-Hoc Projects & Collaborations:

Our quest for innovation leads us to explore fresh collaborations and pioneering projects that resonate with our mission.

If you’re driven by humanitarian advocacy and wish to amplify our efforts, we invite you to join us as an NGO Malaysia volunteer. Your involvement can be the spark that ignites widespread change in our humanitarian NGO in Malaysia. Together, let’s envision and craft a future brimming with health, hope, and harmony. Your support is invaluable, and we’re grateful for your belief in our mission.