Doctors on Ground: Leading the Charge as Health & Medical NGO in Malaysia


In the realm of non-profit organizations dedicated to healthcare, Doctors on Ground (DnG) stands out as a pioneering medical and health NGO in Malaysia. We are committed to providing essential medical assistance and community aid to refugees and other underserved populations in Malaysia. By addressing critical healthcare gaps, Doctors on Ground embody the mission of a true medical and health NGO in Malaysia.


Doctor’s on Ground NGO | Mission and Vision

Doctors on Ground aims to deliver accessible healthcare services to those who need them the most. Our mission is to create a healthier, more equitable society by ensuring that no one is deprived of basic medical care. As a medical NGO, we strive to uphold the highest standards of healthcare delivery to support underserved communities.


Impact and Contributions as Health & Medical NGO in Malaysia


Mobile Health Clinics

One of the hallmark initiatives of Doctors on Ground NGO is our mobile health clinics. These clinics travel to remote and underserved areas, bringing medical services directly to those who lack access. This initiative has been instrumental in addressing immediate healthcare needs and providing ongoing medical support.

Community Centers

In addition to mobile clinics, we have established several community centers. These centers serve as focal points for health education and resources, offering a range of services from health screenings to educational workshops. By building these centers, we aim to foster a culture of health and wellness within these communities.

Training Programs

As a forward-thinking health NGO in Malaysia, Doctors on Ground places a strong emphasis on sustainability. We run comprehensive training programs for health workers and educators, empowering local individuals to take charge of their community’s health needs. This approach not only improves healthcare access but also builds local capacity for the long term.


Challenges and Solutions


Challenges Faced

Operating as a medical and health NGO in Malaysia comes with its share of challenges. From logistical issues and funding constraints to reaching remote areas, the hurdles are significant. However, our dedication to our mission drives us to find innovative solutions.

Addressing Challenges

To overcome these challenges, we employ a multi-faceted approach. We leverage technology for better logistical planning, actively seek donations, and foster collaborations with other organizations. Our ability to adapt and innovate has been key to our success as a medical and health NGO.


Collaborations and Partnerships


NGO Collaborations

Collaboration lies at the core of Doctors on Ground Malaysia NGOs humanitarian strategy. We collaborate with other like-minded NGOs to improve the quality and reach of our healthcare services. These partnerships allow us to combine resources, exchange expertise, and increase our overall impact.


Case Study: Forest Interactive Partnership

A notable example of our collaborative efforts is our partnership with Forest Interactive. Together, we collaborated in a community outreach program in Pahang, engaging with the Orang Asli of Kampung Patah Pisau to educate the villagers on hygiene and sanitation practices through Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WaSH) training. This initiative not only provided medical care but also fostered a deeper understanding of the unique needs of this indigenous community. 


Volunteer Opportunities


Call for Doctors or Medical Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any medical and health NGO in Malaysia, and Doctors on Ground is no exception. We actively seek medical professionals and students who are passionate about making a difference. By volunteering with us, individuals can gain valuable experience and contribute to a worthy cause.

How to Get Involved

Whether you are a seasoned doctor or a medical student, your skills and dedication are needed. As a medical volunteer in Malaysia, you will have the opportunity to work in diverse settings, from mobile clinics to community centers. Your involvement can make a profound impact on the lives of those we serve.



Doctors on Ground is more than just a medical NGO; it is a beacon of hope for many underserved communities. By supporting Doctors on Ground, you are contributing to a health NGO in Malaysia that is dedicated to providing essential medical services to those who need them the most. If you’re searching for an NGO to donate today, you can make a difference with your contribution or volunteer as a medical professional to help us continue our mission.

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