Rebuilding Homes and Lives: The Critical Role of Restoration in Flood Relief Campaigns

The FP053A BANJIR Relief & Rescue Campaign, in collaboration with Doctors on Ground (DnG) and IKQRAM Prihatin, was conducted from 13 Jan — 15 Jan 2023 in the programme’s East Coast Chapter of Kelantan. It was categorised as a Phase 2 initiative to prioritise cleaning and rebuilding efforts for the affected communities. The primary issue […]

Discrimination in HIV Medication Access for LGBT Community: A Threat to Public Health & Human Rights

Denying HIV medication to the LGBT community on religious grounds is not only discriminatory but also threatens public health. While Malaysia is a multi-racial and religious country, the country’s constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion are infringed by the increasing politicisation of religion. This has led to discrimination and marginalisation of certain groups, particularly […]

The Malaysian Issue: Understanding the Country’s Health Agenda

This piece was compiled and summarised by Sudhasni. After the recent General Elections, we sat pondering on all the long-standing health issues that require attention. This is because our health service has been chronically underfunded and relatively neglected for decades. We, as the public, needed to realise that the political affiliations chosen to lead […]

Criminalising Unwed Pregnancies but not Child Marriages?

This piece was written by Dr. Daya Nandan, and edited by Doctors on Ground (DnG), upon approval by the writer. To read the original post, head over to this link: From assisting in deliveries, to the high risk factors that come with child pregnancies — as a medical doctor, I can’t help but feel ashamed […]

Hartal Doktor Kontrak as a Critical Election Issue

The contract system for healthcare workers, namely Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists was started in December 2016, which allowed for the employment of doctors without the pension scheme and lowered waiting time for medical graduates to be posted to hospitals for their housemanship. They signed a 5-years contract with the government, consisting of 3+2 structure (first […]

8 Questions You Should Never Be Afraid to Ask Your Doctor

Visiting the doctor has always been a fear for many — in fact, some may even take every possible pill and remedy known to man to avoid that conversation. In all honesty, the inhibition is rather understandable but completely unnecessary as a visit to the doctor can provide us with a more efficient solution to […]

Medicine For Dummies: Cushing’s Syndrome

The Cushing’s Syndrome is a disease that occurs when the body produces an excess of cortisol, a phenomena also known as hypercortisolism. It is a hormonal disorder usually resulting from either the overconsumption of corticosteriod medication or the body’s natural overproduction rate of the hormone itself. Cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal gland, works […]

The White Paper Reforming Malaysian Healthcare

The call to “future-proof Malaysian healthcare” was announced by Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, through the tabling of a Health White Paper to the parliament. The brief would be developed to address the globalising and systemic challenges faced by the healthcare industry, and to secure a strong commitment among the public and private sectors towards delivering […]

Monkeypox in Malaysia

As Malaysia’s battle with the SARS‐CoV‐2 enters its endemic phase — tension rises once again as a new ‘Monkeypox’ outbreak has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. According to the Ministry of Health, Malaysia — Monkeypox is a rare zoonotic viral disease caused by the monkeypox virus that belongs to […]

World Organ Donation Day: Malaysia’s Lack of Donors

‘Give yourself and those in need an elixir of life by pledging your organs’ — Mohith Angadi The first ever organ donor donated a kidney to his twin brother in 1954 — and he was Ronald Lee Herrick. In 1990, Doctor Joseph Murray got the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine for his achievements in […]