Building Resilient Communities through Sustainable Solutions

Doctors on Ground (DnG) is committed to ensuring all groups have access to basic healthcare. We strive to ensure that our services arrive to those who have no access to it at all.

Leading the Charge As a Humanitarian Non-Governmental Organization in Malaysia

At DnG, our mission is rooted in humanitarian advocacy and goes beyond the scope of a typical health NGO in Malaysia. We are unwavering in our dedication to offering medical assistance and community support to refugees and marginalised groups within Malaysia. As a non-profit entity, our core focus is on addressing the significant healthcare challenges faced by the underserved, championing their rights and well-being through our humanitarian efforts.

Championing Humanitarian Advocacy

Humanitarian advocacy isn’t just a term for us; it’s a belief, a driving force. We prioritise the voices of the Doctors on Ground community, involving them in decision-making processes to ensure solutions are not just effective but also sustainable. This approach underscores our commitment to fostering resilient communities.

Beyond Healthcare: Volunteering Opportunities in Malaysian Humanitarian Organisations

While our primary focus remains on healthcare, we also offer avenues for individuals to become medical volunteers in Malaysia. Dive into this noble journey with us, contribute actively, and be a part of transformative change.

In essence, Doctors on Ground isn’t just an organisation. We’re a collective, a community, striving for a brighter tomorrow. Your support and trust fuel our mission, bringing health, hope, and humanitarian advocacy to the forefront. Thank you for standing with us.